The Crusades

An Epitome

Susanna A. Throop

About the book

This book introduces readers to the medieval crusading movement. Neither a simple military history nor an account based on European sources alone, it deliberately locates crusading within the broader history of the Mediterranean and Afro-Eurasia. Furthermore, in addition to providing a clear and compelling narrative, it acknowledges the diversity of historical actors, sources, and interpretations.

About the author

Susanna A. Throop is an Associate Professor of History at Ursinus College. She studies the intersection of religion, violence, ideology, and emotion in the twelfth- and thirteenth-century crusading movement. In addition to a number of articles and book chapters, she has authored Crusading as an Act of Vengeance, 1095–1216, and co-edited Vengeance in the Middle Ages: Emotion, Religion and Feud and The Crusades and Visual Culture.


Forthcoming December 2019