Where to Buy Our Books

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For bookstores & other retailers

All our books are distributed via Ingram. In most cases it’s simplest to order our books through them, although we’re happy to work directly with independent retailers.

For individuals

Our books are widely available through many online retailers, and can be ordered through most bookstores. Note that most our books are printed on demand, and will remain in print indefinitely. Some retailers occasionally list our books as “temporarily unavailable”, available within a certain time frame, or “out of stock”, but this is almost always misleading. Amazon are particularly bad for this, especially since they launched their own print-on-demand service, while Blackwell’s and Barnes and Noble seem most reliable at listing our books as available. Printing takes anything between a couple of days and a week, and shipping depends on the store, but our books should never take more than a few weeks to reach you, as some retailers suggest. The alternative sellers on Amazon usually list our books as in stock, but if in doubt, we recommend using a service other than Amazon.