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Style guide & dictionary

For most publications, Kısmet uses the exhaustively comprehensive Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) in conjunction with the Oxford English Dictionary. The full version of the Chicago Manual of Style can be found online here. Numerous summaries and tutorials can also be found online. Where US spelling is used, we recommend Merriam Webster.

For some of our shorter publications, particularly the Epitomes and Polemics, we encourage authors to forgo many of the norms of academic writing and adopt a style, tone, and format which best suits the task in hand. For example, short further reading sections may often be more appropriate than comprehensive footnotes. But when in doubt, we would still recommend the Chicago Manual of Style, and consistency in spelling, punctuation, and referencing style remains a sine qua non.


We will only accept figures for publication if it is clear that doing so will not infringe upon any existing copyright. Where copyright exists, the author is responsible for securing permission to reproduce these images, both online and in print, although we’re happy to help you with this. If the figure is the author’s own work, covered by an appropriate Creative Commons license, or in the public domain, this should be indicated. You can find more information on Creative Commons licenses here: and an example of a repository of images covered by such licenses here:

If there is any doubt as to copyright status of a figure, we will always err on the side of caution. Bear in mind that copyright laws vary from country to country and that what is in the public domain in one country, may be still be in copyright in another. English law will provide the benchmark for making decisions on whether or not we can publish a figure. However, bear in mind that we are an international company – our servers are based in Iceland, our editors, designers and other partners are spread across the UK, Turkey, Europe, and the US, and our works will be distributed globally.

Remember also that Kısmet publishes both online and in print, and that permission to reproduce an image in one medium does not automatically entail permission to reproduce it in any. That is to say, there are some images which we can freely reproduce online, but not in print.

If you have any questions or concerns about copyright issues, please contact your Commissioning Editor and we’ll do our best to help you.

Reference manager software

There are several software packages available to help authors manage and format the references and footnotes in their journal article. We recommend the use of a software tool such EndNote or Reference Manager for reference management and formatting.

EndNote reference styles can be searched for here:

Reference Manager reference styles can be searched for here:

There are also free options available that work very well too.

Mendelay can be found here:

Zotero can be found here: